Boby’s Motorised W500

Boby (from Birkenhead) is one of the Wavewalk owners who has motorised his W500.


He says “I am fiddling around with it as I go or as I need to.
I made up an outboard ali bracket to takes short and long shaft motors. I have 3.5 HP 4 strokes short shaft on it at the moment (actuator plate level with the kayak hull) but its too powerful and water can splash up when it go abit faster when is choppy day (need spray skirt for this)

Im looking around for 2nd hand 2HP 4 strokes long shaft (actuator plate will be 3″ to 5″ lower than kayak hull) hoping to elimate water splash up problem.
I have my anchor sytem, trolley, paddle holder, etc sorted”

Here are photos of his motor mount.


“The outboard bracket – made from 5mm ALI plate and hollow box section – weight approx 3kg.”


He has done some interesting things at the other end of his Wavewalk as well.


“The front bar is 1” stainless with an eye bolt in the middle. It goes between the 2 “scotties” side holes. It is my anchor rope holder.  It work really well in strong current and much better than kayak anchor trolley”

” I am still thinking of the best way to mount a fish finder and will flip the pictures when I have them”



We have to thank everybody for a great season, and ask for patience.

We have had such a great season that we have sold out of Wavewalk W500 kayaks, and we have pre-sold 2 of the shipment that is due in early March.

The kayak fraternity has clicked on what a great craft the W500 is and we are desparate for kayaks.

If any W500 owner has decided that their fishing days are over, give us a call and I will connect you to some of the many people who contact us to see if we have any second hand units.

Summer is almost here

We are well on the way to a Summer which we all hope will be considerably better than last year with it’s endless strong North Westerlies.

We have had much greater interest in the Wavewalk W500 this year and have had several sales over the winter. I have done quite a few demos at the Hamilton lake, and one in Whangamata in deepest winter where we were able to demonstrate how you can launch the W500 in the sea while wearing jeans and sneakers and stay dry!

My most common “accessories” enquiries have been for wheels and outboard brackets which we don’t stock, but we are looking into having them available.

We are quite happy to fit rod holders and other components supplied by our clients, except for depth-sounder/fish finders. We don’t have enough knowledge to venture into electronics.

Please feel free to call us and organise a demonstration.

The Wavewalk Community

We are part of a growing community of distributors of these wonderful craft.

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A New Home for Wavewalk in New Zealand

Wavewalk have moved to Hamilton, and we now have a show-room areas in which to display our wonderful W500’s.

Our new contact details are on the contact  page, but here they are again.

Location – 6 Sheffield Street – Te Rapa – Hamilton.

This is also the location for

AllQuip Hire & Sales,

Tuff Gear (4WD equipment) and

Emmrod fishing rods

Do not get confused by the signage (at present there is none).

Our Phone and Contact details are.

Phone 07 849 2354

Cell 027 344 6361

Fax 07 849 2514.

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