In the Surf

Wednesday 27th July.

The sea looked very calm and despite the fact that I didnt get away till quite late I decided to try fishing around Kohi point. I launched the W500 at the West End of Ohope beach at about 2.30 in the afternoon and headed  around the point past Otarawairere Bay and out to the point. Full tide was around 3.50pm so I decided that I would paddle until 3.00 and then fish.

I unleashed the Emmrods – put a 2 oz. sinker on one line and got it to the bottom fairly quickly – a 1/2 oz. clip on sinker and a large pilchard on the other with plenty of line out so it would drift around. I let the wind and the very large swell (around 5ft) push me back to Ohope.

First fish was a small snapper (about 30cm) on the stray-line, second was a bigger snapper (about 38 cm) on the other line, and third was a decent kahawai on the stray-line again. The wind got quite strong (and very cold) and around 5.00pm I decided that if the surf was likely to get up I should tackle it with some light left.

I am not quite fit enough to paddle fast enough in the surf (yet). I did OK for a while, but ended up very sideways on to the breaking waves. I was pretty certain that I would end up in the water and had dressed for it, but threw my weight on the “uphill” side of the W500 and in spite of the fact that I got way past 45 degrees, the kayak recovered its composure and eventually so did the paddler, and both of us (padler and kayak) beached without further incident and proceded home to fillet the fish.