Our Shipment for Summer 2013/2014 has arrived.

Yes its here.

30 Wavewalk Super kayaks were packed into a 40 foot container and shipped to us. Here are pictures of the container at the USA end – being packed and on the road.

At the New Zealand end of the journey things are not quite as smooth. I don’t have pictures of the container being unpacked, but I have pictures of the cartons arriving at the premises where I work and being SQUEEZED into storage in the most difficult of places.

The following pictures show the arrival of the first 15 cartons of kayaks, 2 cartons of accessories, and the XL flotation.

The caption on the bottom left picture should read “Not a good picture”

The first lot arrived on a Friday and I had some help to get the cartons up on to the mezzanine storage. The second lot arrived the following Monday and at the time of writing are still stored in alleyways –  apart from 2 that have been sent out to their patient owners.

I have 2 more waiting to be despatched, 3 assembled for display and the rest will find their way to the mezzanine eventually.

The workshop area does not look impressive, but it actually works well. I have a compressor on wheels so I can move it from end to end. I would normally only have 1 Wavewalk in the workshop, but currently have 3 and there is more space to operate than the pictures show.


The last picture might be more impressive if I left the kayaks unpacked, but an industrial warehouse can be a dusty environment, so I always repack them in their cartons once I have finished the assembly.

Here are pictures of the arrival of the second 15 kayaks.