Regular kayak paddles are 7′-8′ (210 cm – 240 cm) in length and do not offer optimal performance for an adult paddling a W Kayak.  We found that a 9′ (274 cm) long paddle offers most people good performance in all paddling positions.  Paddlers over 6′ (184 cm) may need a slightly longer paddle, especially for stand up paddling.
Wavewalk PSP High Performance Paddles:
Total Length:

  • Standard: 9′ (274 cm)
  • Extra Long: 9’8″ (295 cm)
Total Weight:
Standard: 44 oz (1.23 kg)
Extra Long: 45 oz (1.26 kg)
Shaft Overall Diameter: 1.25″ (32 mm)
Shaft Material: Pultruded Fiberglass, Coated
Shaft Color:
Blades Form: Asymmetrical and Spooned
Blades Material:
Glass Fiber Reinforced Nylon (GFN)
Blades Color: Black
Paddling seated, riding and kneeling
Stand up paddling
Poling in shallow water
IV Touring (long trips)
V Surf playing
VI Rough launching and beaching
9ft paddle = $275.00
9ft 8″ paddle = $295.00

No extra charge for shipping a paddle with a W Kayak.

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