Super Stability

Nothing Compares

Stability is key to comfort  and good ergonomics. The patented W Kayak offers unmatched stability through a unique combination of three factors:
  1. The boat’s buoyancy is sensibly distributed  along its sides, instead of being wasted along its central, longitudinal  axis.
  2. The passengers make natural use of their legs  and feet to balance themselves by shifting their weight sideways, from one leg  to another, and they apply this weight directly to the bottom of the hulls –  below waterline, thus creating an effect of ‘dynamic ballast’.
  3. The immersed profiles of the boat’s twin  hulls act as multiple ‘Hard Chines’, thus offering maximal lateral resistance, and unmatched initial (primary) stability.
The effect of hard chines on kayak stability
W Fishing Kayak – Front View
The W500 hulls at a 200 lb  load.

Casting, and Fighting Fish

The W Kayak offers you the ability to  throw to longer distances, which presents two advantages:
1.   Being able to  cover more water from a stationary position before you need to move your kayak
2.   Some fish species can sense the presence of your kayak nearby and therefore  are better caught from a distance.
For more information visit our website’s Shallow Water Fishing section

When fighting powerful fish you want to be in full control of your kayak, and the W kayak offers you all the means for it. Read More

The Cockpit – A Place To Be In, And Work In

Your kayak’s cockpit has other functions besides protecting you and offering you optimal comfort:
It is also a workplace in which you store your gear and handle it.
In W kayaks all the gear you need is within arm’s reach, and there’s no chance of it going overboard since in case it slips out of your hand it would end at the bottom of one of the hulls, where it will be easy for you to find and reach it.

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