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Real Life Facts You Can Check –

  1. It’s the world’s most stable kayak obviously, even stabler than kayaks equipped  with outriggers.
  2. It’s the only  comfortable kayak, offering you to switch anytime between  various positions, so you can avoid fatigue, leg pain, a sore back and a  wet butt.
  3. It’s the easiest kayak to paddle, since it tracks  better in strong wind, and requires no rudder.
  4. It’s the only kayak offering true stand-up  paddling and fishing in safety  and confidence, with a 14.5″ high seat ready if you  lose balance, so you don’t have to swim
  5. It’s the world’s most  mobile kayak, enabling launching, paddling, fishing and  beaching where other kayaks simply can’t go.
  6. It’s the roomiest kayak by far, offering  several times more  storage space than any other kayak, and room for a second  passenger.
  7. It’s the most versatile kayak  out there, for any weather and water condition you need, including cold  water, shallow water and the ocean surf – even in tandem
  8. It’s the kayak that offers you both the best performance  and best  value, since you save a lot by not having to purchase a  special car-rack, a rudder, a seat, and outriggers

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