The Best Value for Money

Wavewalk Kayaks are certainly at the top end of the price range, but the configuration and the versatility make them better value for money.

Fishing kayaks can be expensive, and when you start adding the cost of all accessories you’ll find they actually cost much more.
However, by buying a Wavewalk fishing kayak you can save a lot of money (up to $1,350) just on accessories:
Rudder: Our kayaks track better than any other kayak, and require no rudder. You save $220 – $300
Kayak Seat: Our W Kayaks are yak-back free, and require no special seat added. You save $80 – $200
Kayak Rack: Our kayaks are easy to cartop and fit any car rack – No need for a special kayak rack. You save $50 – $500.
Outriggers: Our W500 kayaks are stabler and safer than other kayaks that are equipped with outriggers. With the W500 you don’t need outriggers, even with an electric trolling motor. You save $100 – $350.
Rudders are a pain to operate, they slow you down, and get stuck in shallow water and weeds.
Kayak seats are bad for your back, and can turn your kayak fishing trip into an unpleasant experience. They are even likely to get you to quit kayak fishing in the long run, because of back pain and discomfort. You just don’t need a seat in a Wavewalk because of the fact that you can move around so freely.
Kayak racks need to be installed on your car rack, and when they’re there you can’t use your car rack to carry other things.
Outriggers are a pain to install, they slow you down, and they limit your kayak’s mobility and maneuverability. Plus they’re one more bulky thing to carry.
BOTTOM LINE: Rudders, yak racks and outriggers are annoying, and kayak seats are bad for you. Aren’t your health and peace of mind priceless?

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