The Saddle Bracket – How you can use it in your fishing kayak

What is a W Saddle Bracket?

The W saddle bracket is a U shaped, multi purpose accessory that can be attached to the W kayak saddle.
The saddle bracket’s horizontal beam fits exactly in the groove between two saddle sections, and its two vertical beams the saddle sides exactly.



Support for Sight Fishing and Poling Platform, or a High Saddle Seat

In pairs, the bracket can serve as base for a poling and sight-fishing platform, or for a high saddle seat. Since such added structures may not be required in the kayak on a permanent basis, the two saddle brackets are simply inserted in the groove between two rectangular sections that form the top part of the saddle, with no hardware used for attaching them to the kayak’s saddle.
When a passenger stands on top of the poling and sight fishing platform, or sits on top of the high saddle seat, their weight keeps the saddle brackets firmly in the saddle grooves.

Removing the brackets is easy, and it’s done simply by pulling them out of the grooves.

Saddle brackets can be installed this way anywhere along the saddle, and at any distance from each other. Therefore, such add-on sitting and standing devices can be made in different sizes, and a W kayak can be outfitted with more than of them.

Permanent Attachment – Increasing Load Capacity

A saddle bracket can be used to reinforce the saddle in order to increase rigidity and load capacity. In such case, the bracket is inserted into the last available saddle groove at the cockpit’s rear end, and attached permanently to the saddle from below, by means of two screws going into its horizontal beam.
W fishing kayaks from the 508 series are outfitted with such a saddle bracket, and any W kayak can be outfitted with such a permanent saddle bracket as well.

Attaching the saddle bracket to the saddle from below, using two screws

Storage Limitations

The presence of a bracket close to the entrance of the hull tips doesn’t prevent the person who fishes out of this kayak from storing their fishing and camping gear in the that space, except for large size rigid objects, such as a live bait tank, or a plastic cooler. However, the W fishing kayak offers plenty of storage space (250 litres in total), and finding room for such gear and other large size objects (even a fish tank) on board is not a problem at all.


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