About us

We bring you The Wavewalk 500, Wavewalk 700, ans Wavewalk S4 kayaks;

  • W500, W700 and S4 are the worlds best fishing kayaks – The world’s most stable kayaks, and the only one enabling anyone to paddle and fish standing up in confidence in real world conditions.
    The only back pain free kayak.
    Huge storage space – several times more than any kayak offers.
    Easiest to paddle and best tracker in strong wind.
    Keeps you comfy and dry in choppy water.
    Unrivalled mobility – launch, go, fish and beach where other kayak anglers can’t.
    Solo, tandem and more in one kayak.
    Easiest and most effective to motorize.
    Best value offered by any kayak – you save money!
    The most versatile and user friendly kayak, offering you the best overall user-experience.

We started with the Wavewalk W500…

We chose the Wavewalk W500 after unsatisfactory experiences with conventional Sit-on-Top kayaks. We imported a single kayak from Massachusetts – USA, hoping it would be what the US web site promised. We received a wonderful craft that did everything we wanted and more. That is the reason why we have offered them for sale to others in New Zealand for the last 8 years, as well as the W700 and S4 that Wavewalk has produced since then.

The Worlds Most Stable Boats and Kayaks