Wheels and an Outboard Bracket for Ken

Ken from Katikati writes

I went out in the kayak for the first time this morning.The wind appeared to have eased off,so I went out from Beach Road at 8am.High tide was early this morning,so it wasn’t the best time to go, but I didn’t want to wait any longer
to try it.

I shall have to do some fine tuning in how I use it,but the bottom line is that I am thrilled with it,and it will get a lot more use than my Esprit.

I found it difficult to use the riding position,as I have extra long legs,so I ended up paddling in the sitting position,and felt quite happy with that,even though the wind got up and I ended up having to paddle into a 500mm chop and strong head wind..

I have very little padding on my rear end,so after 3 hours was a bit sore,so I think a padded seat must be my next project,which might also make it easier to use the riding position.

On the way back I decided to try standing up,and ended up flat on my back both times!!! This was because I wear Neoprene boots when paddling,and they are smooth soled and just too slippery .

So another project will be a non-slip finish on the inside bottom of the hull[or on my boots.!!!!!!]

I have fitted  a plate to attach the electric outboard,but have yet to wire up the battery packs,so that is a test for another day.

I will attach some photos of my set up,and will send more once I have tried the motor.

Once again,thank you very much for the handles,which I am sure will make it easier for me to lift the kayak.


Kens Wheels

And the wheels attached to the kayak

The clever way Ken has dealt with fixing his wheels in place.

And Kens Outboard bracket