Why Wavewalk

I have been keen on fishing most of my life – must have caught the disease from my father I think.

I moved to the Bay of Plenty from Hamilton in 2008, and was able to indulge my passion almost daily if I wanted. I don’t own a boat; I fished off the shore and initially caught very little.

I tried kite fishing, but the fickle winds limited the occasions when that was possible. Eventually some better surf casting gear and some pointers from friends from the local surfcasting club led to us eatimg fish a couple of times each week, but I wanted a bit more from my fishing.

Fishing magazines were full of information about kayak fishing, but friends told me I would be disappointed. They said that stability was a problem, comfort was a problem, the kayaks were a problem. I didnt listen!

I bought a new Sit On Top kayak and set it up with all the gear. I had fish finders and new rods and  – – –  and they were right. I hated the lack of stability, couldn’t launch in the surf, couldn’t handle the kayak easily on my own. I couldn’t reach anything unless it was close to me, and much of the time it was behind me and I needed to be able to do Yoga to get at it. I was very disillusioned in spite of the fact that I had spent lots of money on a top of the range kayak. I went out in it about 6 times in 18 months.

There were some things I liked, and eventually I decided that even if much of the fault lay with me there had to be a way. I imported a pair of adjustable outriggers from the USA, but while searching for a good set I kept landing on the Wavewalk.com website and eventually I decided to buy one. I never fitted the outriggers – still have them at home in the garage.

The WavewalkW500  kayak does everything I wanted it to do. Stability – never think about it. Launching in the surf – I do it every week. I load the kayak on and off my vehicle by myself, launch it most of the time without getting my sneakers wet, paddle through surf and swells and boat wakes without a thought, paddle in strong wind with much less trouble than with the SOT in spite of the higher freeboard, catch my fish and get the kayak back home all on my own. I love it. Everything is so easy. Back on shore again, I can load the kayak back on my vehicle on my own and off again when I get home.

I dont have to construct elaborate means to tie everything in either. I have a bag with by anchor in in one “point” another with my fishing gear (bait, knife, traces, etc etc) in another. At the other end I have a chilly bag for the fish and a bag with snacks, drinks, lights for fishing after dark and whatever else I might need. When coming back therough the surf I zip up the bags and shove them into the points, and they dont move. The only thing I restrain is my paddle.

I can stand up and paddle, stand up and cast, stand up and stretch. I can paddle further because it is easier. I can play in the surf. I reaaly love the W500, and have been out fishing or just playing in it at least twice every week since I received it. And while I am not keen to admit it – I am over 60 and I do not have a physique that was developed in the gym. I am just a little guy.

As you can tell, I am very, very happy with my decsion to purchase a W500 and I would love to show it to you.